Purpose of Palliser Regional Municipal Services

"To provide effective and affordable local government services with expertise that support regional cooperation and communication”

Palliser Regional Municipal Services Company Ltd. was formed April 1st, 1995 through a collection of enacting bylaws by member municipalities.  When the Province of Alberta disbanded Regional Planning Commissions, Palliser Regional Municipal Services was created as a successor to the Palliser Regional Planning Commission.  The constitution of Palliser Regional Municipal Services was formalized as a not-for-profit company status in 2008 with all member municipalities becoming formal shareholders of the Company.  The Company Articles and Memorandum of Association replace the previous agreements and bylaws establishing the organization.  PRMS is fully owned by the member/shareholder municipalities.

Palliser Regional Municipal Services covers a large area in the South East portion of Alberta.  It continues to grow with more municipalities recognizing the benefits of partnering, for professional community planning and mapping services that would otherwise be unavailable due to distance from urban centers as well as recognizing the cost savings of having one central organization vs. each individual municipality doing their own planning and mapping.

Services currently provided to member municipalities include:

  • Subdivision Services
  • Municipal Planning
  • Mapping and Database Services
  • Regional Safety Code Services
  • Regional Solutions

Additional information available in our 2024 Brochure