Intermunicipal SDAB

About SDAB

The PRMS Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board was formed in 2020 by participating PRMS municipal member shareholders through a collection of enacting bylaws.  The PRMS ISDAB is authorized to render decisions on appeals resulting from decisions of a Subdivision Authority or a Development Authority in accordance with the MGA, the Subdivision and Development Regulation, the local Land Use Bylaw and statutory plans. Current municipal members of the ISDAB Include:

  • M.D. of Acadia No. 34
  • County of Paintearth No. 18
  • Town of Castor
  • Town of Coronation
  • Town of Drumheller
  • Town of Hanna
  • Town of Oyen
  • Village of Acme
  • Village of Consort
  • Village of Delia
  • Village of Empress
  • Village of Halkirk
  • Village of Hussar
  • Village of Morrin
  • Village of Rockyford
  • Village of Standard
  • Village of Veteran
  • Village of Youngstown

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Notices