Webmap Demo Videos and Resources

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Login, Navigate Map, Legend, Layers On/Off (Video)

Map Tip, Highlight, Identify (Video)

Search Tools

Parcel Search (Video: Linc, roll, civic address, location + export results to excel)

Parcel Search (Video: by spatial location + export to excel for mail out)

Location Search (PDF: Using LSD)

Spatial Search (Video: search layers + export results to excel)

Feature Search (Video: Search for specific features on the map)

Create Your Own Custom Map

Redline, Measure, Print (Video)

Bookmark (Video: save and share your map)

Only For Users With Login

Edit Tools

Create New Feature (Video: Use "Create Feature" to add points & lines

Attribute Editor (Video: Use "Attribute Editor" to Update Atributes)

Spatial Editor (Video: Use "Spatial Editor" to Delete Features)

Document Management

Document Link (Video: Attach documents to features)

Document Search (Video: How to search for documents)

Upload Document Files (Video: upload to document search)

Hide/ Unhide Document (Video: Hide documents from document search results)

Asset Management

Flow Direction Layers (Video: Reverse Direction)

Track Sanitary Flushing (Video)

Asset Risk Assessment (Create maps using create feature tool)

Asset Management Tips (Video: Add data to the correct utility layer)