Civic Addressing & NG-911

Next Generation 911, is an advanced emergency communications system that allows citizens to contact emergency services using a range of technologies, including text messages, videos, and photos. Adopting NG911 requires significant investment in infrastructure, technology, and training, which can be a challenge for many agencies. PRMS has been working with members to update civic address data in preparation for NG-911. 

Alberta Municipal Data Sharing Partnership (AMDSP) & New Generation 911 (NG-911)

Most of PRMS members are AMDSP members and PRMS represents its members on the AMDSP board. AMDSP is currently working on the new data specification and building a new submission system that will be used to validate and prepare data in the NG9-1-1 specification. AMDSP is actively working with TELUS 9-1-1, AHS and other emergency response agencies to ensure that their data will meet the required standard.

If you are not a PRMS member but are looking for support with civic address mapping please contact for more info.

Alberta Municipal Data Sharing Partnership (AMDSP)

NG-911 FAQ

Download Civic Address, Road, and Place shapefiles


Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) service areas map. Click map to view.